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Error while consuming secured portlets

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We have the following usecase:

- Producer - One taskflow which is given to anonymous role. Converted this task-flow to a portlet.
- Consumer - We need to consume this portlet in another ADF application which is unsecured.

Steps done:

1) Created an ADF application with this taskflow and converted to portlet.
2) Created a consumer application.
3) In the consumer app, created a WSRP connection for this portlet (to register the producer).
- In the "Configure Security Attributes" in the WSRP portlet producer wizard, we have selected the following:
- Token Profile: WSS 1.0 SAML Token with Message Protection
- Configuration: Default
- Default user: anonymous
4) Drag and drop the portlet on the consumer page and run.

With this i am encountering the following exception:

<WsmMessageLogger> <logSevere> Permissionjava.lang.Class required to switch the identity not granted to the resource. access denied ( resource=MyPortletConsumerApplication assert)
<WsmMessageLogger> <logSevere> Error in sending the request.
<WsmMessageLogger> <logSevere> Failure in execution of assertion {}wss10-saml-with-certificates executor class
<WsmMessageLogger> <logSevere> Failure in WS-Policy Execution due to exception.
<WsmLogUtil> <log> Failure in Oracle WSM Agent processRequest, category=security, function=agent.function.client, application=MyPortletConsumerApplication, composite=null, modelObj=default-service, policy=oracle/wss10_saml_token_with_message_protection_client_policy, policyVersion=null, assertionName={}wss10-saml-with-certificates.
oracle.wsm.common.sdk.WSMException: access denied ( resource=MyPortletConsumerApplication assert)
     at oracle.wsm.policyengine.impl.runtime.AssertionExecutor.execute(
     at oracle.wsm.policyengine.impl.runtime.WSPolicyRuntimeExecutor.executeSimpleAssertion(
     at oracle.wsm.policyengine.impl.runtime.WSPolicyRuntimeExecutor.executeAndAssertion(
     at oracle.wsm.policyengine.impl.runtime.WSPolicyRuntimeExecutor.execute(
Caused by: access denied ( resource=MyPortletConsumerApplication assert)
Caused by: access denied ( resource=MyPortletConsumerApplication assert)
<PortletRenderer> <setErrorState> An error has occured for Portlet Binding portlet1.
oracle.fabric.common.PolicyEnforcementException: access denied ( resource=MyPortletConsumerApplication assert)
     at oracle.fabric.common.AbstractSecurityInterceptor.processResult(
     at oracle.fabric.common.BindingSecurityInterceptor.processRequest(
     at oracle.integration.platform.common.InterceptorChainImpl$
     at Method)

Also where can i find a proper documentation about portlet security and consuming secured portlets?
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    Did you resolved this?

    I've deployed and applied patch 14361677.

    I've deployed my portlet to a custom portal and using EM, attached the WSS 1.0 SAML Token with Message Protection Service policy. I registered the WRSP portlet and specified WSS 1.0 SAML Token with Message Protection under the security section.

    The portlet works fine in composer - it's when I save the page that I am finding problems.

    Once I saved the page and try to stress test the portlet (i.e., press the button twice for instance), an error page is displayed indicating a time out.
    If I navigate to another page and return to my page, the portlet does not render.
    When I log out of WebCenter, the exception described in your post is thrown.

    It would be great if Oracle provided documentation we are looking for.
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    Hello folks,

    You may want to post your question in the WebCenter Portal. You have currently posted it in the Oracle Portal forum, which is a different product.



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