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    Problems running a particular app via ssh and remote X

      Got a few apps (including things like Matlab etc.) running off one of our Linux application servers.

      Am now trying to run Stata (using xstata-se) via SGD and it will simply not work.

      It works perfectly if you manually log in to the application server from a terminal with ssh -X and run the executable, but when using SGD, it connects, finds the application, says it's starting it, but then the connection to the Linux server is simply closed. The application session (with pause/play/X buttons etc.) remains even though an X window never appears.

      I've duplicated the Matlab application that works perfectly and simply changed the executable name, so nothing is configured differently but it still refuses to work, instead simply closing the connection.

      The /opt/tarantella/var/log/webtop.log on the specific SGD server shows that the app starts correctly, yet no X window ever appears - all other X apps work fine...

      I've found that there are errors logged in /opt/tarantella/var/log/wm_error.log with:

      X connection to unix:11.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

      Any ideas?

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