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    how to install oracle audit vault

      Hi all,
      I am new in this field. I just read document and have some question about oracle audit vault installation.
      for database(10g), we need to install oracle audit vault server on a separate PC and then install oracle audit vault collected agent in target (be monitored ) database server.

      some wrong?

      does any audit function already merge into database that means DBA only need to turn on?

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          Hi Jim:

          I guess the best way to think of Audit Vault is that it is a central repository of audit information. This information is collected from several source databases using agents. The agent merely collects the audit information, it does not create it; The information must already be there for the agent to collect. Which means you must turn auditing on for each source database. Once you've turned on auditing, the source will start writing audit records to its audit trail - either the SYS.AUD$ table, or files outside the database. The agent will then collect these and send them to the repository.

          The Audit Vault Server can be installed anywhere where you can give it enough resources. It could be on the same machine as another database, or it could be a separate machine. The Audit Vault Agent is usually installed on the same machine as the database you want to collect audit information from, but that is not necessary in every case; you only need it on the same machine if you want to collect audit records from the file system.

          So, it is possible that the source database, Audit Vault Agent, and Audit Vault Server are installed on one machine together. It is also possible to install them on a separate machine each.

          Hope this helps.
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            Very great!
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              Hi ,

              I am new to Oracle Audit Vault. I have some queries regards the installation of the server and the agent. I have gone through oracle documentations for installation of server as well as the agents. Kindly clarify the my doubts :)

              I am going to install my Audit server on Windows m/c and Agent on my DB servers (AIX m/c). I have 3 db instances running on DB server(AIX m/c). How do i proceed/install???

              Thanks & Regards,