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    "JVM heartbeat .. dead" in trace file - how to diagnose it?

      One of our customers reported, that Java applet hosted on our website (running in Java Plug-In 1.6.0 update 23, Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13) seems to terminate in the same situation each time. This is a signed applet, which is about to estabilish a HTTPS connection. The last line in trace file is:

      JVM heartbeat .. dead, send ts: 2017852585, now ts: 2027867626, dT 10015041

      The symptoms of terminating applet are:
      - black, dead area in browser where the applet was previously present
      - "Java Console" window suddenly disappearing

      How can we debug this situation? How can we find out if it really is a JVM crash? Where are such crashes logged when they occur? Should there be a hs_err** file on user's desktop?

      Thanks for any help.