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    Use of hyphen (-) in hostname/machine name

      Hi there.

      One of our architects is proposing a new server naming policy that would allow the use of hyphens (-) in the hostname or machine name of new servers.

      I've pointed out to him that this might not be a very good idea as I've heard of a few problems with Oracle that can be caused by using hyphens in the hostname.

      Do any of you know if underscores (_) are allowed instead? Is Oracle happy with underscores in the hostname?

      Thanks in anticipation !
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          Oracle adheres to the official rules in the RFC for FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Names)
          If I recall correctly hyphens are allowed and underscores are not allowed.
          You would need to use Wikipedia to find the rules for a FQDN.

          Sybrand Bakker
          Senior Oracle DBA
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            Thanks for that Sybrand. I've checked out what you pointed me and it does say that hyphens are allowed.

            However, I've just found a conflicting document on Metalink (sorry, MyOracleSupport) Doc Id 477993.1 whereby it causes problems with Siebel environments. It says the following:-

            "The hyphen (-) or dash characters are not permitted as valid characters within the Siebel server name. The only valid characters that can be used in the Siebel server name are alphanumeric and underscore characters. Configuring a machine hostname that contains a hyphen character can also cause certain behaviors when running the Siebel Server Configuration Wizard"

            So, it's still a bit unclear. I think what I'll do is raise an SR to double-check.

            Many thanks.
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              Just to note that Oracle RDBMS when configuring database control or grid control doesn't allow underscores in the host name.

              Is Larry too rich?

              Sybrand Bakker
              Senior Oracle DBA