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    Re: Questions on Maintenance Wizard

      we Just installed the MW 2.18 and am trying to run a custom step. To start we wanted to try something simple like ls -a unix os command .
      Followed steps as noted in user guide pg 21. Defined a new category, add it to an existing product family, define task and next step, edit script enter ls -al in the execute section and click close and select engineer role and select the step. we could not find the execute icon. What step am I doing wrong. I do have all the responsibilities assigned to the user including sql.
      Any advice is surely appreicated.
      Thank You
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          vikki - moderator - oracle
          I spoke to the Engineer who owns your SR on this, and told him this:

          Something's not quite right in the description of what he "did", because if you add a new Category, you cannot then add an "existing" product family to it. Everything under that portion of the tree will be new (the pf, the task and the step).

          That said, let's assume he created all 4 levels brand NEW.

          Since the step itself shows up (otherwise the cat, pf and task would not, assuming this is the only step in this entire category), he must have properly setup his responsibilities and put valid filter data on the step.

          Does he have verbiage in the step in addition to the code? Does the step preview show his verbiage?


          I really could not comprehend the response I got back. Perhaps you could elaborate on your original answers?