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    PRA in P6 Release 8

      Has anyone installed P6 R8 and is interested in using Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA). I'm working on a recently installed P6 R8 and this is my first time using this version of PRA from P6 R8. I can see where the settings are for risk matrix, probability bands etc but not how to launch a risk analysis. If you search 'quantitiative' in Help it talks about PRA being an option that should be selected when installing. Has anyone tried using PRA from P6? Answers much appreciated.
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          Daniel Axmacher

          there is no PRA entry under Tools in the P6R8 client anymore. I haven't also seen something like tha in P6 Web.

          To connect your PRA to P6R8 you need P6 Webservices running. Then you could set up the connection in the PRA under File => Primavera => Connection Wizard.