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    Purging / Deleting Log file, redundant file and vice versa

      Hi All,

      EBS Version:12.13
      Database Version:

      I checked the MOS Cleaning An 11i Apps Instance Of Redundant Files [ID 274666.1]
      and Purging Programs are scheduled but the size of Application Tier and Database Tier is increasing.

      This happenend after upgrading to 12.1.3 from 12.1.1

      Application Tier: 60 GB
      Database Tier : 20 GB

      In Applicatin Tier i found $LOG_HOME and deleted files manually inspite of purging programs running regularly.

      At db side i found new directory tnslsnr in $ORACLE_HOME/admin/diag/ here there are two directories one is rdbms and other tnslsnr
      as tnslnr directory size is 1.5 GB and in appsutil/clone/bin there are many jre_bak_* files as everytime i do cloning. now it becomes 3.5 GB.

      Please suggest jre_bak can be deleted or not.

      .patch_storage is 4.5 GB

      Please suggest how to control the increase in sizes of files

      Which files can be deleted in R12


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