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    P6.2.1 to 7 didn't work

      Created a schedule with 6.2.1 including baseline. Saved the files as XER. Installed into 7 and am having problems.
      The assigned baseline is not coming through. Only some of the activity dates for the baseline come through but most don't. Non of the task baseline dates appear. Because the dates are not shown, there are no visible bars. Is there something that has to be done with the calendars or something else?
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          Baselines are not saved as part of the XER file. You need to Restore the Baseline, export it separately to an XER file, import it, then reattach.
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            Thank you. I know about restoring the baseline, converting them both to XER then creating a baseline and then assign it. My issues is that only some of the baseline dates came through and none of them were associated with tasks. The actual schedule shows the baseline is assigned but only some of the dates came through. Version 7 has a much more sophisticated calendar. I wondered if this was the root of the problem
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              The usual cause that I have found with baseline dates not showing is where Activity IDs have been changed in between loading the Programme and reloading and attaching the Baseline.
              It might pay to reload your Baseline from the XER and then do a comparison of Activity IDs. Quick and nasty way is to copy the Activity ID and Activity Name columns from each programme into excel and then use a VLOOKUP to compare the two lists.

              I haven't had calendars cause any problems with baselines.

              On a side note; was there any reason why your exported the programme to XER and then reimported, rather than upgrading the database?
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                We created the schedule in 6.2.1 in another computer then transferred the XER files to a completely new computer with 7. I though about the Activity ID'S. I transferred the XER files for the restored baseline and current schedule to another computer with 6.2.1 and had no problem.
                On the Rev.7 only about 10% of the baseline dates were visible and these were for milestones or some level of effort activities.