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    cannot get xls2collections to work ..

      I'm running the APEX Listener standalone using the Embedded Web Container ... seems to be working fine. (using Oracle APEX Listener 1.1)

      I've updated apex-config.xml to include

      <entry key="apex.excel2collection">true</entry>

      and restarted the listener using ..

      java -Dapex.port=8081 -Dapex.images=/u01/app/oracle/product/apex_lsnr/images -Dapex.erase=true -jar apex.war

      and then checked that the changes to the config file had persisted.

      I've copied the APP Scott Spendolini published in http://spendolini.blogspot.com/2010_02_01_archive.html and also had a go myself ..

      When I click the upload button (which has a REQUEST value of "XLS2COLLECTION"), the file gets loaded into wwv_flow_files however there isn't a collection created.

      Any ideas? What's missing?
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          so this is what went wrong ..

          the APEX Listener code is installed in /u01/app/oracle/product/apex_lsnr

          In that directory is apex-config.xml. I changed the existing entry in that file to <entry key="apex.excel2collection">true</entry> having made the assumption that this was the right file.

          I then removed all files under /tmp/apex and /home/oracle/.apex ... which seems to be where temp files are located.

          I restarted the APEX Listener with

          java -Dapex.port=8081 -Dapex.images=/u01/app/oracle/product/apex_lsnr/images -Dapex.erase=true -jar apex.war

          The problem is that the new apex-config.xml file created under /tmp/apex doesn't have any entry like <entry key="apex.excel2collection">true</entry> ... that is, the config file created does not cary over any if the settings made in the original (persistent) version of apex-config,xml

          I added <entry key="apex.excel2collection">true</entry> to the /tmp/apex/apex-config.xml and restarted the listener and it all work!