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    Import Excel with mutiples sheets into Oracle


      I got a few questions here, I did some google-ing but I would like get clarifications:

      1. In order to make Excel "talks" to Oracle with External Table, do I need to convent the Excel file into .csv?

      2. Apparently my Excel has mutiple sheets (20+), do I need to save each sheet individually as 1 single .csv before they "talk"?
      (sounds like it...but I "hope" there is another way...-_-)

      3. I am using TOAD and the tool "Import Table Data" can read .xls and .xlsx directly, however I will have to do 20+ times for each sheet... beside that, is there any other quicker way to read the Excel files?
      (even if I use External Tables I have might have to save each sheet into a .cvs for 20+ times...-_-)

      Thanks everyone in advance...
      My questions sounds stupid.....=_=!!