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    Sun Mobile Portal configuration


      We are trying to configure mobile portal for Sun portal 2005 Q4. But we are not able to find enough help in the documents available. Can anybody tell us the steps to configure Sun Mobile portal, so that we can figure out what we are missing?

      so far we have done following things in Access Manager 2005 Q4:

      1) enable amlcontroller filter in amserver web.xml
      2) Added New client device in Client Detection section (Service Configuration -> Client Detection)
      3) In the root DP, added clientType in WirelessDestopDispatcher -> selectedClients

      Please let me know if I am missing any steps.

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          This should all be preconfigured automatically if you installed the mobile edition. All that is needed is that your default DP includes a container (WirelessDesktopDispatcher for example) that has components for which the mobile display templates have been defined, ie there are other files besides html, jsp, etc.. like aml...
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            yes, you are right. mobile edition is pre installed and my default DP also include WirelessDesktopDispatcher. But I have tried many things to get the mobile desktop on Mobile. Is there anything else that I have to take care? Can you tell me the steps of configuration so that I can check with mine?

            Thanks in advance
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              You could try removing the default client definition for plain html. Usually, when the user-agent of your mobile device matches one in the defined client list, then it should load the appropriate desktop. Note that I have not worked on this product for many years now so my memory about the extact details is failing me. The newer version also auto detect the clients and automatically queries the mobile vendor's website to download the profile from there. The newer mobiles now claim that they can do html so wml files won't be loaded. If that is happening, you will either need to customise your html files for smaller screens, or manually change all the profiles to not use html and it would be a good idea to disable to auto discovery and use the old manual addition method.