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    PO Document Sequencing

    Rajeev R

      Can anyone please validate if the PO Document Sequence Number is at OU Level or SOB Level.
      Can we have different PO Types i.e. A1 , A2 , A3 which can be standard only. I understand that in PO we have standard Order Type but can we have a workaround by which we can create different PO Types to meet the Doc sequencing number based on customers.

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          PO Document Sequence Number is at OU Level ... Through oracle standard feature, you can't define different sequence (Purchasing Options --> Document Numbering) for document type for different PO type (BPA/CPA/PPO etc..).. i.e. BPA --> b1, b2, ..., CPA --> c1,c2,...

          As a work around/alternative you can go for customization (but not advisable at all :) )

          Check this URL for details : http://oracleerp.org/discussion/topic/show/278411

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