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    problems when running the sims command according to the dv guide Opensparct

      I download Opensparct1 for design and verification ,but when I follow the quickstart in the dv guide, when I get to the "run your first regression" part, I have problem with the sims command. the error is :caught a sigdiaglist diag # appears to be outside any group. thanks

      the problems is as follows:
      sims -sim_type=vcs -group=core1_mini -novera_build -novera_run
      sims: ================================================
      sims: Simulation Script for OpenSPARC T1
      sims: Copyright (c) 2001-2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
      sims: All rights reserved.
      sims: ================================================
      sims: start_time Fri Mar 4 15:52:36 CST 2011
      sims: running on ASIC41
      sims: uname is Linux ASIC41 2.6.18-194.el5xen #1 SMP Tue Mar 16 22:01:26 EDT 2010 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
      sims: version 1.262
      sims: dv_root /home/back/liufeilong/Desktop/OpenSPARCT1_v/
      sims: model_dir /home/back/liufeilong/Desktop/OpenSPARCT1_v/OpenSPARCT1_model
      sims: tre_search /home/back/liufeilong/Desktop/OpenSPARCT1_v/OpenSPARCT1_model/2011_03_04_3/tre/sims.iver
      sims: Frozen tre_search /home/back/liufeilong/Desktop/OpenSPARCT1_v//tools/env/tools.iver
      sims: processing diaglist /home/back/liufeilong/Desktop/OpenSPARCT1_v//verif/diag/master_diaglist () ..
      sims: Caught a SIGDiagList: Diag # appears outside any group.
      File=/home/back/liufeilong/Desktop/OpenSPARCT1_v/OpenSPARCT1_model/2011_03_04_3/master_diaglist.core1_mini, Line=1
      at /home/back/liufeilong/Desktop/OpenSPARCT1_v/tools/perlmod/DiagList/1.11/lib/site_perl/5.8.0/DiagList/Objects.pm line 205

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          I think ive seen a similar problem earlier too. It looks like its looking for some perl module (.pm) and you will have to trouble shoot that - could be version control problem (it was in my case).

          With what information you have provided me over here it can be one of many problems.

          If you provide some more info I can maybe help you debug the issue further. My advice would be make sure you have all required pre-requisites ( as mentioned in the DV guide). Also make sure you set your .bashrc/.chsrc file correctly. Most of the problems ive seen have been because they havent been set up right.

          The guide has a through bunch of support scripts that should mean it should work seamlessly- but with each of using different OS, GCC versions etc. I can see why we need to debug stuff.

          Good luck!


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