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    ASR (Auto Service Request) version 3.1 now available

    Wayne Seltzer-Oracle
      ASR (Auto Service Request) version 3.1 has been released to production.
      You can access the ASR 3.1 download and documentation via the link at the bottom of http://oracle.com/asr.

      Changes in ASR 3.1:

      ASR Manager installable on any Solaris 10 or OEL (Oracle Enterprise Linux) operating environment
      Supports the ability to install the ASR Manager on a non-qualified, non-entitled server. This means the ASR Manager can be installed in a Solaris local zone or LDOM, in virtual environments such as VirtualBox and VMWare, and on M-Series domains and Blade servers.
      Changes in the customer email notifications.
      The updated user documentation includes examples of the new email messages.
      Our customers and Partners are advised to use My Oracle Support to manage their ASR assets, as well as the ASR Manager "list_asset" command.
      The "asr report" command is now disabled.

      See the "What's new" section of Installation and Operations guide for more info on ASR 3.1 changes.

      Note that the ASR download is now hosted by My Oracle Support and is no longer on the Sun Download Center.

      Best Regards,

      Wayne Seltzer
      ASR Product Manager
      Oracle Global Customer Services