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    Deploying of Dashboards


      I deployed OBIEE, and i can transfer reports from client to server.
      But i want to know how to transfer my dashboards that i created at client from client to server.
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          Himanshu Rai
          The dashboards are there in the catalog folder only. It can be found by the same name of folders created as the dashboard's. The '_portal' folder in this folder holds the crux. Pls find these on the server and deploy wherever you want.
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            Always use the Catalog Manager which is a tool that lets you perform online and offline management of Presentation Catalogs. You can rename and delete items, and move and copy items within and between Presentation Catalogs.

            choose Start > Programs > Oracle Business Intelligence > Catalog Manager

            Online mode — Connects to a Presentation Catalog on a running Web server [use http://localhost:9704/analytics/saw.dll]
            Offline mode — Connects to a local file system

            Select the catalog object [folder, report, dashboard] you want to copy and then select File > Archive

            Open the target web catalog in the catalog manager and unarchive the archived object