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    Advanced java web development

      is there are any books for advanced java web development ?
      (including Persistance, struts, Springs, Jsf and Vjsf)
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          Yes, several.
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            Assuming you are talking about one book only: of course not, such a book would be useless as it will tell only a little of subjects for which numerous books have been written individually. A Google query will give you the same high level information without wasting money.

            In any case:

            I would focus on one technology at a time if I were you. For persistence I recommend "Pro JPA 2". For Javaserver faces you can hardly go wrong with the reference manual (simply called "javaserver faces 2.0"), although the JSF 2.0 cookbook may be a nice addition to it because it has more focus on specific topics.
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              I might be better if you give us an idea of what you already know such as JSP, servlets, java, css, javascript, xhtml, JDBC in order for us to give better advice.

              I suggest you also read my previous post about creating your first web based program (my first reponse in that article, not the two later ones) before moving onto more advanced topics.

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                I'd consider any book containing information on ALL those topics to not be an "advanced" book.
                I'd also consider any book recommending Struts to be a book to be avoided.