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    prompt-update not working with version-based control


      I'm trying to deploy an application via jnlp with verion-based control. If an update is available, there should be a prompt for the user and he can decide whether he downloads the update directly or later. I tried to make it work with policy="prompt-update" but the user gets no prompt for a new update. Instead it makes an incremental update without asking the user if he wants to have it.
      When I'm running the jnlp not version-based, the prompt-update is working fine. But since the different versions of the application are generated from different computers, we had some issues with different timestamps, so we don't want to rely on them.
      I found an older post with a reply, that prompt-update is not working with version-control, but I found nothing else to verify this reply.
      So can someone please tell me, if there is a way to make prompt-update and version-control work together.

      Thanks. Melanie