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    Cannot get listener config page

      I have just installed Apex 4.01 on Oracle EX 10 I can open Apex, apex admin pages. But I cant open http://localhost:8080/apex/listenerConfigure , and also listenerAdmin, listenerStatus pages. I am geting HTTP404 - The webpage cannot be found . I am starting listener using : java -jar C:\apex\ApexListener\apex.war It starts ok, opens listenerConfig page in last but it comes as a The webpage cannot be found Please suggest what might be the issue?
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          did you install the Oracle XE on the same host as you try to run the listener on?
          If that's the case, I guess you didn't change or disable the HTTP Port used by the XDB HTTP server provided by the database. This is the default method of accessing APEX referred to as "Embedded PL/SQL Gateway" (EPG) in the APEX installation guide.
          So if both services (EPG and APEX Listener) are configured to use the same port, only one of the two services will be able to use it and the other one won't be reachable. In your case, probably the database was started before the Listener, so it already used the port and the Listener couldn't bind to it.
          The result you see fits perfectly - you reach your APEX installation via EPG.
          To solve the conflict, you can either reconfigure the XDB HTTP Port or start your APEX Listener on a different port. The latter option is even easier. Just enter
          java -Dapex.port=nnnn -jar C:\apex\ApexListener\apex.war
          where nnnn is the port to be used by the Listener which should differ from 8080.

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            Many Many Many thanks. Your help is highly appreciated.