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    "New lifecycle definition" fails with "Unexpected error"

      This problem has been previously posted without resolution.

      Select "Lifecycle Definitions -> New lifecycle definition".


      "Unexpected error, unable to find item name at application or page level.

      A severe error has occurred. Possible causes may include moving directly to a page using the browser history or Back key, multiple users attempting to change the same data or an application defect. Please visit the Support page under the Help Tab to report the error.

      Press here to return to the parent page"

      A resolution to this would be apprciated.

      Please note this problem is based on APEX 4. About to retest on APEX 3.2 to see if it is happening there.

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      Have back ported to 3.2 and the problem no longer occurs. Not sure what has changed between versions, but there are a number of links in the Assitant that fail with the above error in APEX 4.

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