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    eta on standalone mq v4.5?

      It appears something newer than build 29 made it into Glassfish v3.1

      Any news on the availability of the final standalone release of v4.5?

      Thanks in advance!
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          Ed Bratt-Oracle
          Final bits are now available through the Open MQ project. Production bits are included with Oracle GlassFish Enterprise Server downloads. The changes applied post the RC for build 29 were for packaging only.

          As I hope you know, MQ is no longer offered, stand-alone. You may use the community version, but it's only eligible for "community support." Production support is now included with GlassFish Enterprise Server license and support.

          You can obtain the community version at http://mq.java.net/downloads.html.

          Please write to us at users@mq.java.net if you have questions, or encounter any issues with this release.

          -- Ed Bratt