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    oo4o Runtime-Error 429

      We are successfully using oo4o (8.0.6) to get data from ORACLE Release 7.3 into Word (Office 97 and Office XP). The clients are using NT 4.0 or Windows XP.

      We tried to install the application on a Windows 2003 terminal server with citrix.
      We use the following releases:
      - oo4o:
      - net:
      - rdbms: 7.3.4
      - Word: Office XP

      Starting our test-program we get the message:
      "Run-Time Error '429': ActiveX component can't create object"
      The statement "Set OraSession = CreateObject(..." causes the error.
      There may be a problem with the registration of the oip8.dll.

      What can we do to solve the problem ?

      We cannot use a 9i-client because of the ORACLE 7.3 rdbms.