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    Oracle XE AMI architecture & emailing


      Yesterday I posted an entry in my blog regarding some research on using Oracle in the cloud.

      [Apex in Amazon Cloud|http://triangle-circle-square.blogspot.com/2011/03/apex-in-amazon-cloud.html]

      I have not yet signed up, but it seems a few answers will probably become apparent when I start getting my hands dirty. However, for now I'm trying to find documentation on certain aspects

      1) E-mail solutions - I haven't seen anyone post any specific oracle solutions for sending e-mail from an Oracle instance in the cloud using UTL_MAIL. There is talk of SMTP relays, using Amazon's services, and people coming up with various hack solutions. Is there anything definitive out there?

      2) The architecture of the Oracle XE AMI - I'm trying to determine what we can do to "pretty" the URLs to assist with SEO. Tim & Morten have suggested using DBMS_EPG, but is this suitable for this particular AMI? Is it using a HTTP Server or EPG - architecture questions like this I'm having trouble resolving.

      I look forward to heading into the cloud ;-)