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    Approval Group and Assignment  With AME (Approval Management Engine)

      Hi everyone,

      Maybe there is misunderstand between Approval Group and Assignment and AME.
      I've applied AME at our company and it's working very well, but there is problem in AME with purchasing approval group *(Setup>Approval>Approval Groups)*.

      The issue is :

      We have approval group called Dir IT ,*Operation* with Amount value up to 25.000 USD. This approval group assigned to the position IT Director on Purchase Requisition approval document type by approval assignment *(Setup>Approval>Approval Assignment)*. I've create PR with total amount 20.000 USD and I submitted for approval. As you know guys this PR status will be approved after IT Director approve it, isn't?

      Well actually, the PR will not be approved after him even the total amount of PR is 20.000 USD which is less than approval group amount. It will continue the approval path up to CFO.

      Please, help to know what's the wrong?

      Thanks in Advanced ....
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