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    Test Cases for GoldenGate implementation


      Does somebody know what kind of test cases will be during QA of GoldenGate Oracle-to-Oracle Active-Active bidirectional implementation ?

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          Golden Gate works as intended unless you encounter some bugs. I would suggest the following (may not be in order though)

          Positive Scenarios
          --Scenarios involving Insert/update/deletes on all tables being replicated and verify the same on replicated side.
          --Perform total row counts on replicated databases.
          --Regression testing on all replicated databases with same scenarios
          --Scenarios involving DDL changes like CREATE , ALTER , TRUNCATE, DROP of database objects like tables , views , indexes if  DDL is being replicated and if applicable

          Negative Scenarios
          --Abort sessions during transactions i.e  kill a transaction
          --Abort(shutdown)  database  during transactions

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            adding to it

            u can test splitting the heavy loaded tables handling multiple extract and replicates.
            u can diable the pump and execute some heavyload transactions, after finishing the load u can start the pump to find the time taken to apply in the target.