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    Android 2.1 and Oracle lite.

      Hi all,
      Can andriod 2.1 device (Samsung galaxy s) be used with oracle lite and mobile server along with a application developed with vb .net?
      I do not see any device platform for this like ARMV4. Will there be similar mechanism of deploying and any work around for this?
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          Just to add little more ,is Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6 Classic(device like hp ipaq 210) is supported with Lite ?
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            windows mobile 6 classic, 6.1 professional and 6.5+ are supported and we have tested them to be working.
            we are using intermec cn4, motorola mc 55 rugged handheld computers which are pretty similar to the ipaqs.

            we are using olite with the latest patches ofcourse
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              Thanks for the reply.
              What about android ? with lite.? Is it a viable option. Becuse new devices are coming with android as well.

              I do some testing on olite and no patches are installed. Any idea of the pathes that are needed?

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                hi there,
                as far as the android is concerned to my knowledge there is no olite client released yet, (please correct me if im wrong).
                what you can do is that you can have the sqllite client on it instead of the olite one.

                there is a chapter describing a rather complicated in my opinion process for making it to work but android has some restrictions and so it is reasonable

                please check
                As described on the Android developer Web site at http://developer.android.com, all applications for the Android platform are required to be digitally signed in order to be installed on the Android device. This key is also used to encrypt the SQLite database. Thus, only the user with the key can access the database and perform synchronization.

                Because of the required key, you cannot download and install the SQLite Mobile client binaries unless they are downloaded within the context of a signed application. Thus, there is no option for a manual synchronization through mSync. Instead, all manual synchronization events are invoked through synchronization APIs.

                there is an example following in how you can perform sync through the android MDK_ROOT>Mobile\Sdk\samples\Sync\android\simple_sync_android

                for the versioning you can check

                Platform Automatic synchronization
                Device management through the DM Agent





                minimum is Android 1.5

                give it a try!thks

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                  this means that you can perform sync through the slqlite android platform but no dm agent and no automatic sync, since min is 1.5 then i guess that it should work for 2.1, if you get a bug for 2.1 and you cant install sqllite there, then you will need to post it to oracle support to get it fixxed.
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                    hi vasileios

                    It looks like not straigt forward like win mobile and difficult in promoting among the clients at the moment and might be a better way of doing and oracle also will do the needful in future. The best is that I wait till that.Otherwise it will be a difficult task in trouble shooting the issues.

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                      I have Mobile Server working with sqlite on Android 1.6 and 2.1. Haven't tried the newer releases yet, but I am assuming it will work as sqlite comes preinstalled on those devices.
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                        i agree , we have taken a quick look since some of the vendors are thinking of releasing some android devices for the business rugged sector. i believe it is not straight forward also and it is kinda hard not only to implement but also to train other people to use such a system. furthermore the absence of the dmagent is very important since it offers many important features that we use in our applications like pushing commands from the server to the client.

                        most important is that (as i have mentioned in another thread) we have talked this with a oracle rep and he told us that since sqllite is free it is not
                        supported fully from oracle, the olite part is . this means that in case you happen to hit a bug in sqllite , oracle wont be able to help you unless it has to do with olite itself. this is kinda hard to use a business level.
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                          Hi vasileios

                          I too agree with you . When things are to do in hardway with lot of experiments we will not be able to deliver the product to customer. Whatever Os and DB (Olite,Sqlite,Barkly) it should support a smooth deployment and ease use. Then as developers we can spent time on customer requirement rather than spending time on solving OS issues and DB issues. But I hope that this will be feasible in comming years with new release of Oracle Lite and Mobile server.
                          And the other issue is the application which are developed with Visual Studio .net VB and C#. That i suppose might not run on android as it is. Please share ideas on that as well. But I understand that we need java apps for lot of operations.

                          Rekounas has done lot of experiments on these subjects. I appreciate your contribution on the forum.
                          I tried with sqlite and it has created an additional publication which I could see when packaging and could not find any litreature on that.
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                            as i mentioned in my company we deal with business rugged handheld devices only, that is motorola and intermec (barcode, gps, gprs etc) all which are based on win mobile 6.1-6.5.3 for the momment. in an internal meeting it was mentioned the possibility in the future to go android and we concluded that in that case it might be neccessary to rewrite the entire applications in the new android eclipse based way. this means porting the .net apps in the java eclipse.

                            it is hard but it will be implemented (if we see rugged android based devices) for the new apps , since it will be hard to maintain two versions for the old apps.

                            by the way there is the mono project http://www.mono-project.com/Mono:ARM which is an attempt to port .net to android but i dont know much about it and i dont think it has been used/tested widely yet. the good thing is that many software houses have started creating components for the android (e.g. resco) which can be used by us to produce faster and better (cooler) apps.

                            it would be very interesting though to see olite on windows 7 phone.wpf is a very diffrent way but it would be easier to port to wpf that in java

                            rekounas has some very interesting articles in his blog about berkeley which you could take a look also.
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                              I followed this tutorial

                              install the Olite 10.0.3 Something

                              then i will do the installation with eclipse to sync the oracle ...
                              there have a sample package

                              its call simple_sync_package

                              after that i try to complie the package but cant ... i found some error in java source code

                              public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) {
                              MenuInflater inflater = getMenuInflater();
                              inflater.inflate(R.menu.sync_menu, menu); /////////////// Error this line ....... " menu cannot be resolved or is not a field "
                              return true;

                              public boolean onOptionsItemSelected(MenuItem item) {
                              switch (item.getItemId()) {
                              case R.id.purgelog:
                              ErrorLog.purgeLog(mPath+"/err.log"); //////////////// Error this line .........." purgelog cannot be resolved or is not a field "
                              return true;
                              return super.onOptionsItemSelected(item);

                              others all i have done successfully install...so only this two line make a trouble i could not trouble shoot also
                              pls help me sovle this
                              once i complete.........I able run eclipse simple_sync_package and able see display via Android Emulator

                              I have a software ( Its developed by VB.Net and Oracle Database) that i used to run in windows Platform
                              but my research is ..how can i Implemented the same software in android ...main part I able to run the oracle via android...and it able access the database such as
                              basic customers registration. view details.......

                              there are anyway to solve this problem??????

                              thank you
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                                No idea of this..... Any one knows of using lite and andrioid in simple way???? or will oracle provide a simple way similar to wm5,6,
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                                  hi ...

                                  i just want to know any other way
                                  Android able to sync with Oracle (oracle Lite)

                                  have you try this method .............

                                  other wise will u try Jdeveloper and ADF Mobile client ...................??

                                  i need to help from you all .......

                                  thank you