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    OO4O 10g and VB6 Bookmark Property Problem

      Hi All,
      I'm facing a problem with the BookMark property. It's throwing OIP-04121 Error.

      Below are the details

      Controls used:
      1) SSDBGrid of v3.11
      2) ORADC of v10g

      Private Sub gridMain_RowLoaded(ByVal Bookmark As Variant)
      Dim PubHol As PUBLIC_HOLIDAY
      Dim Rs As Object 'Oracle DynaSet

      Set Rs = datMain.Recordset.dbClone()

      Rs.Bookmark = Bookmark ' Getting OIP-04121 Error here

      If Rs("year") = 0 Then
      gridMain.Columns(1).text = "----"
      gridMain.ColText(1) = Rs("year")
      End If

      The code is working fine in VB3.0, OO4O 1.0 and Sheridan Data Widgets 1.0e. However it's throwing error with VB6, OO4O latest versions and Sheridan Data Widgets 3.11.

      Please help me I tried many ways but failed. Kindly provide some alternate way to achieve this BookMark.

      Thanks and Regards,