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    EJB slow response time in cluster

      We have 2 clusters : cluster 1(3 managed servers) and cluster2( 2 managed servers). We have an EJB deployed on cluster2 which is being called by an application on cluster1. Issue is that this EJB gives a very slow response time (in the order of minutes). There are no errors or exceptions in the logs.

      When we shut down one of the nodes on cluster2, the respose from the same EJB is very fast. Please help as to where we should look out for the issue?
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          René van Wijk
          Could be that you have a network configuration problem. The source of the problem is how host names and IP addresses are resolved,
          and there is a workaround. RMI and other naming services use the InetAddress class to obtain resolved host names and IP addresses.
          InetAddress caches lookup results to improve subsequent calls, but when it is passed a new IP address or host name, it performs a
          cross-reference between the IP address and the host name to prevent address spoofing. If you supply the host name as an IP address,
          InetAddress still tries to verify the name of the host. To workaround this problem, include the host name and IP address in the
          hosts file on the client, for example,