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    How move agent config from one enviornment to another opensso enviornment

      As part of DR setup we need to move the agent config from one enviornment to another enviornment.
      We are using opensso version 3 agent.
      The agent profile is maintaned within the opensso server with all the enforced lsit and other parameter in opensso.

      How can i

      1) Move agent profiele from one environment to another using cmd line? ( cannot do manual setup of agent profile as it would be time consuming activity

      2) Also what changes do i need to make in the agent profile so that the agent are recognized in the new enviornment.

      I intend to use the pre-prod enviornment for DR so all the host name will change.
      My approach is was to only move the production polices polcies in the realm.keeping all the realm setup as is using sssoadm list-policies.
      But agent being version 3 I have to move them as well for all the backend application being protected by opensso to work.

      And will change the vip dns so that hostname is resolved pre-prod dmz instead of production in case of DR.

      Please advise.