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    DB migration from DB2 z/OS to Oracle 10gR2


      In the current customer I'm working at, they have DB2 for z/OS v8 installed and customers are wondering me about the better way to migrate to Oracle 10gR2 (the other DB system we've already installed). Is there any roadmap to follow in these process? Could it be better to migrate first to any higher version of DB2 (¿v9? ¿v10?) and the jump into Oracle technology?.

      Thnx in advance,
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          Have you reviewed the information about using the SQL*Developer Migration Workbench for migrating DB2 to Oracle ? It supports the migration of DB2 v8 so there would be no need to migrate to DB2 v9 first and you can go straight from DB2 to Oracle.
          The main SQL*Developer site is here -


          and the direct migration link -


          and specific DB2 migration information -


          Please have a look at this and then get back if you have any specific questions or need more detail.

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            Hi Mike,

            thanks for the info. After reading it I've found nothing about DB2 for zOS plattform which is the one customer has. It mentions that in future releases this DB2 plattform will be included. This is the main reason to migrate: migration from mainframe DB2 to Oracle is an unexplored topic with not a lot info.

            In fact my previous question was focused in which version of DB2 would be the best to start migrating to Oracle (and why). As v8 will be out of support by 2012 April, I'd like to be sure to migrate to Oracle having DB2 supported. Is it better from v10? Why? Customers don't mind making a 2-step migration (DB2 v10, Oracle), security of going forward is the point they are asking me most.