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    PSOVM and Oracle 11gR2


      The latest PSOVMs are working within Oracle 11gR1, not that is bad, but having the latest Oracle version could make us testing all the latest technologies/features on a Peoplesoft database.
      Will a PSOVM template be ever released based on Oracle database 11gR2 ?

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          I certainly hope so. It is just a question of when. Let me give some background because I know that you're interested in this stuff gauging by your level of contribution and assistance to this Forum. The templates are constructed upon a pretty complex framework of independent applications. Those independent appliations need to be packaged, tested and certified before they can be consumed by PeopleSoft. This follows the standard software construction process for anything that we release to the public. The database for example is not just a zipped-up file system but an independent template that is delivered by the Oracle DBMS team. The reason we do it this way is so that we have a reliable, repeatedable and automatable template delivery mechanism.
          The database template itself, in addition to the Oracle Linux OS are both independently available on Oracle E-Delivery. Until an appropriate database template is updated we will not be able to move to 11gR2. The reaosn I use the word appropriate is somewhat nuanced. Without getting into details, not all templates are as amenable as others to re-packaging. The JeOS (Oracle Linux OS) template is very amenable. The PeopleSoft PIA-AppBatch template is very amenable to extension and repackaging. Until such an 11gR2 template is availble we cannot update our DBMS.

          If you want a newer version of the DBMS I would suggest that you post to the main OVM Forum or the DBMS Forum (asuming on exists). This is not intended to shirnk my responsibilities, rather my intention is to create visibility for the demand for an updated version of the DBMS template. That typically comes better from a customer than product development.

          I hope this helps.
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            Thank you for your reply, very informative.
            Not that I want to push back on that point, but I was checking the JDEdwards templates, and whether it is out of Peoplesoft scope (and out of my knowledge), it is still using the same based Oracle VM. According to the installation guide, the last version - the V3 - of the JDEdwards template appears to come with Oracle 11gR2 (and looking further, even the version 2 of Sept-2010 was using that Oracle version).

            I'll post that question in Oracle VM forum.

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              From an external customer perspective you're right, there certainly should be uniformity, I can see why you'd feel that way. However, the truth is that we all develop and most importantly support our software in different ways. This is due to the legacy / acquisition / integration history of our divisions. The point is that we at PeopleSoft don't work directly with JDE or towards template development because these templates are not intended to interroperate in any way. Therefore their release schedule, support policy / EOLing et cetera is not directly aligned with ours. The key relationship we have with other Oracle products is a dependency. PeopleSoft has decided to align itself with the base templates shipped by other Oracle Infrastructure Development Groups with a view to template construction. The base OS and the DBMS are the most important of these because they create framework on which we construct our templates. This allows us to achieve our resource and testing obligations while preserving a stable template development environment. This is crucial to us given that we are shipping updates as frequently as we are. I am not able to comment on how JDE approaches this.

              As I am sure you are aware there is a lot happening with Oracle VM at this time. The upcoming Oracle VM 3 release will introduce interesting changes. Subsequent to that release I expect to see a newer wave of templates that make newer versions of Oracle products available. Hopefully the DBMS will be one such template.
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                Thank you very much Mark for additional information. I understand the way you are managing the Peoplesoft templates and agree to that.
                Whether I know a lot is happening on Oracle VM side, it is now hardly a long wait and nothing is said about any released date (sigh). Awaiting for newer templates waves... thanks again.

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                  mark.johnston wrote:
                  ...The upcoming Oracle VM 3 release will introduce interesting changes... Hopefully the DBMS will be one such template.
                  Reading the following link : http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/vm/peoplesoft-fscm-173464.html
                  It seems the latest template, FSCM9.1 FP2 Ptools 8.52 recently delivered in April is still bases still on release 1 of 11g as well as on Oracle VM 2.