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    Customization of BPA Publisher

      I need to customize the publication form to add a text form field (Or a File Input).

      I will add a file like pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx to the Oracle ECM. This file is like a documentation attachment about a process. At the moment of the publication of the process I will have to fill up a form and add a text field to persist the path of the file, if it exists.

      Does anyone have any directions about how to do it?
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          Including links to external documentation within the publication there are a few steps:
          *1 - add the attributes for the links into the filter*
          see the link x & title x attributes where x is 1 - 4
          alternatively creation custom attributes of the relevant type

          *2 - Capture the links into the attributes*
          Log in with the relevant filter and enter the link information
          Test it from within BPA

          3 - Enable links in the relevant publisher profile used for the export
          See View > Options > Publisher Export Profiles > 4 Include Links and ensure the relevant attribute is included for links

          *4 - publish the export*
          Log into publisher and give it a go.
          the links should be visible on the Model or Object details pane

          Good luck