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    Speed of animation fluctuates based on java cache..

      Hi everyone,

      It seems I am experiencing a rather weird problem.

      In my app I am having a small animation on a BufferedImage using the swingx.Timer class.

      The problem is that sometimes the animation runs very slow (I get a feeling of the computer struggling to keep up)
      while some other times its running on full speed! (I have set the Timer constructor to 1ms)

      What could be causing this "undeterministic" behaviour? I 've looked at the code a million times
      and there seems to be nothing wrong with it...!

      P.S I am having a CORE2DUO and running the latest JRE 1.6.024

      UPDATE: I can replicate the problem if I clear the java cache from the control panel
      in windows..!strange...isn't it?

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