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    Performance monitor


      Will it be possible to have a template for Performance monitor testing ? That's no more than a small Peopletools database coming within a small Peopletools binaries installation. It would be nice for integration and performance monitor testing within the already existing templates.
      Maybe an all-in-one should be enough, I mean Peopletools + database in one box.

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          I am a little confused by your post. I am going to try and rephrase what I think you are saying. There are two ways in which I have understood this post. I don't know which, if either, is correct. Bear with me.

          Interpretation #1
          Create a variant of the existing templates that contains the PeopleSoft Application Database, mid-tier, PIA and Performance Monitor all ready to go.
          We will not be delivering templates for different functional variants or point solutions within the existing product suite. Delivering different templates for different out-of-the-box functionality significantly increases the development costs for us. This is ampliflied by our intention to ship updated templates with each of the Application refreshes (quarterly in some cases, bi-annually in others)

          That said, we are very open to suggestions for changes that can be made to the delivered templates which make them more amenable and customizable. Whether or not such suggestions are included depend upon a number of variables which boil down to cost v. benefit. If you have a suggestion for adding functionality to the existing set of templates please go ahead and describe exactly what you have in mind and why you would feel that it is beneficial in general as opposed to being a specific use case.

          The other thing that we're happy to do is to issue guidelines to our users that explain what steps, in addition to those already available in the PeopleBooks, are required to make the functionality operate as expected in a template-based environment.

          It is currently too complex for us to ship an all-in-one template. I won't go into the reasons in detail but it harks back to some of the issues with the underlying base database template that you and I have discussed in a separate thread.

          Interpretation #2
          Deliver a whole new separate templates that is intended only to act as a Performance monitoring system.  This would only contain PeopleTools and a minimal database, the bare essentials for PerfMon capabilities.
          This is a very reasonable suggestion. I think that (with your help, use cases etc.) I could make a business case internally. It could be a very efficient way to get a PerfMon system up and running.


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            I'm sorry if my post was not clear enough.
            You are correct though within your interpretation #2. I meant a brand new template containing the Peopletools minimum (no application installed) for a Performance Monitor system.
            Even if I don't know how often it is used, as far as I've seen across the shops I'm working for, Performance Monitor is way too low used. I sincerely believe that a lot of customers would be interested by seeing PerfMon in action within Peoplesoft OVM before implementing it in production. Probably a good pre-sale thingy.

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              No problem at all.

              I agree 100% with your assertion regarding low usage.
              I also like the idea of tasting features, even existing mature features, through the VM templates. It dovetails very well with general mantra that characterises our template initiative. Leave this one with me and if you have heard nothing in a few months please feel to rattle the cage via this thread just to make sure that the trail doesn't go cold.


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                Thank you Mark, I'll keep an eye on that.

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                  Hello Mark,

                  Coming back on that one, is a PerfMonitor template planned sooner or later ?