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    Sendpoint metadata in HTTP Adapter

      Hi All
      I'm trying to configure several parameters not through the adapter.ini file but through iStudio defined metadata.
      This is the standard way suggested in the (scarce) documentation to handle multiple endpoints and other parameters.
      According to the "Oracle9 iAS InterConnect Adapter for HTTP
      Installation and User�s Guide" the way to do it is through a "Modify Fields button of the Subscribe Wizard - Define Application View dialog".
      The problem is... I cannot get that button in any subscribe wizard when the document type is "XML". I can get that button by selecting "Generic" as the message type when subscribing to the event, but the Fields I have to create (nothing to modify there in) are ignored by the HTTP Adapter.

      Has anybody out there done this and can help me ?
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          Hi Gaston,

          Yes, you are correct in using the "Generic" message type which essentially is equivalent to XML, except you now have to specify the Root element manually.

          Now, there are a few additional things to check which I will describe here.

          1- You must define the Modify Fields properties on the subscribing side, not on the publishing side.

          2- You need to define a unique endpoint name for each Modify Fields property set, e.g.:


          3- Finally you must define the actual endpoint, using the following property:


          In general all the properties from adapter.ini that you need to override, must be defined here (for example authentication information etc).

          Hope this helps.