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    Rolling upgrade steps for database from 9i to 11gR2 in data guard

      Hi ,

      OS: AIX 5.3L

      I have physical standby for 9i primary database.We are planning to upgrade my database to came to know that Rolling upgrade procedure and can apply patch also in data guard mode,while upgrating.

      I will install new oracle 11gR2 to separate Home and will copy pfile to 11g home for database startup.

      My questions are ,

      1) After applying patch to my primary and standby with , If i start my database in upgrade mode using 11gR2 home pfile , after doing changes to pfile as per utlu112i.sql output, and running catupgrd.sql will upgrade my 9i database to 11gR2.

      What will happen to my standby database which is there in ?.In standby also i have installed 11gR2 binaries to new home same as primary.
      After upgrade process in primary is over , shall i have to connect to my standby database using pfile of 11gr2 , so that primary new upgraded database logs will transfer and apply ?.

      2) I hope we have some timezone problems in 9i while doing upgrade to 10g and above , and please help me on solving them.

      3) Please suggest the steps to follow , when using RAC database.

      I cannot follow exp/imp utility procedure to upgrade , because my database size is 1.5 TB.If you need any info , please let me know.

      Thanks ,