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    How to use AME with many Position Hierarchies and approval group respect

      Hi! We are on R12.1.2 release, iProcurement.
      I need to build AME based approval which will work exactly like Purchasing herarchy approval WITH 2 exceptions:
      1. one pre-approver need to be added.
      2. depending on requisition attribute (let's say header flexfield ATTRIUTE1) different approval hierarchies must be used (H1, H2...).

      For example if we have 2 possible values in ATTRIBUTE1 of req header and we have two hierarchies. AME should use hierarchy depending on ATTRIBUTE1.

      Also approval limit and cost center must be respected.

      Any advices appreciated. Thanks

      As far as I understand it can be done in AME using SQL. But I'd like to avoide SQL and use wizard with standard options.