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    Timeout doesn't seem to work

      We have a Tuxedo service that uses SALT to make a web service call to an external system. The timeout in salt.dep is set to 30 seconds, but in some cases the call times out after 5 minutes exactly. The timeout value in salt.dep used to be 5 minutes a long time ago (we have old copies of salt.dep that show it), but it's been set to 30 seconds for some time now.

      Any ideas what would cause this to happen? Why isn't SALT timing out at 30 seconds?

      *074416*.serv03!view.4488.1.0: CBaseWS::CallExternalService Calling WSServiceInq
      *074916*.serv03!view.4488.1.0: CallExternalService Failed in calling WSServiceInq For Reason TPETIME - timeout occured

      The call starts at 07:44 and times out at 07:49.

      From salt.dep:

      <Property name="enableSOAPValidation" value="true"/>
      <Property name="timeout" value="30"/>