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    An interesting question about ZipOutputStream

      Hi there, I'm making a simple program which, given a list of images (.jpg), makes a .cbz file out of it.
      For who doesn't know what a .cbz file here's a simple explaination: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comic_Book_Archive_file , in brief it's just a .zip file whose you change extension to .cbz and, with a program called CDisplay (http://download.cnet.com/CDisplay-Image-Display/3000-18488_4-10162238.html ) , you can display the images in it with alphabetical order...it's like reading a comic/manga on your pc.

      The problem is that, when I create the .zip file using java apis I got a memory error in the moment I try opening it with CDisplay.
      This does not happen if I create the .zip file using winzip from the shell menu so I think I have to set some specifical paramether in the Zip APIS...can anyone help me out? What's the difference between a .zip file created with zip APIS and a "pure" one?