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    Oracle OnTrack Plugin Problem


      After installing the OnTrack plugin, to allow Application Sharing, we are always getting "Updated On Track Plug-in required." (Test on Linux+Firefox, Win+Firefox, Win+IE7, Win+IE8, OSX+Firefox, OSX+Safari)

      Also, the firefox plugin is suffering from a miss-configuration over install.rdf. As you could see "https://developer.mozilla.org/en/install_manifests" is require that if you specify an updateURL, it must be an https URL, or you must include an updateKey. As you did niether or you have to change the manifest to include the https access to Ontrack or you must disable this restriction (http://www.ideashower.com/learned/how-to-disable-will-not-be-installed-because-it-does-not-provide-secure-updates-warning-in-firefox-3/).

      Waiting for your comments.

      Andres de Barbara
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          Hi Andreas,

          The On Track installation that you are running against should be configured with SSL. It is a bug that the plug-in repository allows the XPI to be generated if the site is not properly configured. Thank you for pointing that out. What site are you testing against?

          I am sorry for your frustration. The underlying problem is most likely due to the plug-in not trusting the site you are using it against. Unless it believes the site is valid and secure it will not allow any of its functions to be used which the UI displays as requiring an update. There should be someone from Oracle working with your site administrator who could help resolve this. Also in newer versions of the plug-in it will present you with a dialog explaining the situation and allowing you- as the end user- to explicitly choose to trust the site that is requesting access to the plug-in.

          If you could let me know which site you are using I'll try to track down who can best resolve this issue for you.

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            Andreas, also note that if you are the site administrator and have configured the site with SSL then changing the plug-in repository URL in the admin console to reflect the use of SSL will cause the XPI to be regenerated to match.

            - logan
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              I am not frustrated at all. The product looks awesome and you really do a great job on it. We are testing every corner of this and thats why we are hitting this issues.
              We have set an internal testing environment for evaluation purpose. I set SSL on weblogic server with the Demo certificate and change the install.rdf on OnTrack.xpi file to point urlUpdate to something like this

              <RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mozilla:install-manifest"
              em:name="OnTrack plugin"
              em:description="OnTrack Real Time Features plugin"

              This solve the installation issue on firefox.

              With regards to the security settings I have to set on our OnTrack site, please be free to give my personal email (see my profile) to anyone who can pointme to the rigth direction.

              Andres de Barbara
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                I install the new version of the plug-in (v92). Now a dialog appears telling me about the site has a incorrect certificate. Accepting the certificate fix my problem

                thanks a lot