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    v$datafile Status column = 'SYSTEM' on standby database

      I'm trying to recreate my physical standby database followubg Note 416310.1.

      I recreated standby conbtrolfile from the new primary db (old standby) after a failover and moved it to the new standby db (old primary).

      When I try to create the datafile :
      alter database create datafile
      3 as
      I got the error:ORA-01180: and ORA-01110.

      When I query v$database I got in the status column = 'SYSTEM'
      select FILE# , name, bytes, status from v$datafile;
      ---------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ---------- -------
      1 /u01/oracle/home/oradata/PRIMARY/system01.dbf SYSTEM
      2 /u01/oracle/home/oradata/PRIMARY/sysaux01.dbf ONLINE
      3 /u01/oracle/home/oradata/PRIMARY/undotbs01.dbf ONLINE
      4 /u01/oracle/home/oradata/PRIMARY/users01.dbf ONLINE

      Can someone tell me how can I convert datafile 1 to ONLINE ?