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    Storage Tek 2510 Array - Lost Communication


      I have a Storage Tek array 2510 that I am trying to connect to ESX. I can register the array in Common Array Manager but the Health status reads "Lost Communication." When I try to manage the array, I get the error "The array could not be contacted. The operation to obtain data from the array failed. Please look for "Lost Communication" alarm in Alarms page to get instruction." The Alarms page does not contain any alarms that it recorded. Can anyone tell me how to get the Health status back to normal so that I can connect the array to my ESX hosts?

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          Every Controller on 2510 have 3 ethernet ports:
          1 - Only for management. IP address of this port registered in CAM

          2 - Only for DATA ( iscsi ). You can use both or only one.

          Strange that you can register array but can' manager it.

          Please clear:
          It's new installation or not?
          Dual or single controller array ?
          I case Dual - both management ports connected to network?
          Can you ping management ports?
          Can say ip of all ports ?

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            Its a fairly new installation. The building lost power recently and ever since then, I haven't been able to get my ESX hosts connected back to the array. I was able to connect them before. It is a single controller. I am using the management port which enables me to connect the CAM to the array. I am also using both iscsi ports for network traffic which are plugged into the same switch that the ESX hosts are plugged into. I'm wondering if it maybe has something to do with the array password? I am not sure it was ever set but I tried to reset it and it is asking for the old password, which I don't know. I had seen something on the net about this.
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              1. Check that you can ping managment port. It should work independ of password.
              2. For reset password - you need make serail connections. ( Read Manual)
              After resetting password - remove array from CAM and try register again.

              One note. After lost connections, CAM need time for sense array again. it's near 5 min.