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    Batch Loading - File Load and Process Failed.

    Lisa P
      I keep getting this error intermittently and have no idea how to fix it. This is the message that I get (along with 'Import Task Error'. Usually if I wait a while and then re-try processing the same files through the manual batch loader (in Workbench), then it runs. Can anyone please tell me what this is and how to fix it? Or even just where to find more information about it so I can figure it out? thanks.
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          Unfortunatley without more information it is going to be hard to state. You will need to piece out the information in the following order:
          1. Review the user error log for which ever UserID runs the batch. Is there any information in it?
          2. Review the import error log (from the import fish) was there information in it?

          Thank you,
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            Lisa P
            Thanks for answering. Thats part of the problem. Viewing from FDM import screen, I get the error 'Error: There is no Document Processing Log for this document archive!
            Detail: Stacktrace: Hyperion.FDM.Pages.ViewLastImportFileLogPage.Page_Load(sender[Object], e[EventArgs])'.
            If I go to Tools>View Error Log, there is nothing there. The application subdirectory has nothing in it. Where can I set a path so that I can obtain error logs?
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              Lisa P
              FYI - if someone else see this - one way that this happens is when a user is doing a refresh on the database without notifying anyone. This error usually will show up in the 'view error log' and from the log errors within essbase admin. But this is not always the case.
              Still do not have a good grasp on where any useful logs are.