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    Getting file content for an ORDVIDEO column using STRUCT

      Dear Sirs,

      The details of the problem is as follows:

      1- An old database containing a column of type OrdVideo
      2- I don't want to use OrdVideoDomain to access it. All I need is to get the content of the file - file bytes -.
      3- I am using ResultSet to get the data. For the OrdVideo column I am not sure what to call or use. I was able to use rs.getObject("columnName") which returns STRUCT. I never worked with that and don't know how to get the values from it. Also I don't know how to convert or cast this column into OrdVideoDomain successfully.

      what I need is to get the information or the bytes representing the stored file without using an OrdVideoDomain or - if I have to - just show me how to cast the column into an OrdVideoDomain successfully.

      advice please.

      thank you.