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    R12 iStore - Jdeveloper Setup - What version of Jdev and Steps


      We are facing issues configuring development environment for R12 istore in Jdeveloper. Anybody knows what version of Jdeveloper we have to use to setup Developement environment for R12 12.1.3 version of iStore? Also the steps to setup and run the istore from Jdeveloper.

      We tried useing Jdev11g but had problems with OA_MEDIA images files accessing in the page and also got lot of java related exceptions while opening the login page.

      Any ideas?

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          JDeveloper 11g is not supported -- Please see these docs/links for the correct version of JDeveloper you can use.

          How to find the correct version of JDeveloper to use with eBusiness Suite 11i or Release 12.x [ID 416708.1]
          What Setup is Required to Create Custom JSP Pages to Run on the Ebusiness Suite 11i and R12+? [ID 884200.1]
          Configuring JDeveloper For Use With Oracle Applications 11i and R12 [ID 330236.1]

          Choosing the Right JDeveloper Release for Your EBS Environment

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            Thanks for the quick Response Hussein

            Does that doc applies to iStore also? I have downloaded the version suggested in the document id (Jdev, but when i try to run after configuring all the istore code, i got the following error.

            Request URI:/iStoreR12Development-Project-context-root/OA_HTML/ibeCZzpHome.jsp
            Errors compiling:C:\iStore\Jdev\r12\Project\classes\.jsps\_oa__html\_ibeCZzpHome.java
            Line # Error
            [jsp src:/OA_HTML/jtfincl.jsp:line #:87]
            error #300: ImageContext not found in class oracle.cabo.ui.RootRenderingContext in class oracle.cabo.ui.ServletRenderingContext in class oracle.apps.jtf.cabo.wrapper.JTFServletRenderingContext in class oa_html._ibeCZzpHome oracle.apps.jtf.cabo.wrapper.JTFServletRenderingContext jttuix_renderingContext = null;

            Even when i run the ibeCAcdLogin.jsp, i got the same error..


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              Are you trying to run iStore locally, and edit with JDeveloper?

              Install Oracle JDeveloper Studio Edition for iStore R12
              According to Metalink Article 419887.1, "Oracle iStore Development Recomends jDeveloper 10.1.2. This is the only version tested by Oracle support." To ease development, it is recommended that you download the test .jsp files, attached to Metalink Article 419887.1.

              Download JDeveloper
              JDeveloper Studio Edition 10.x should come with your fusion middleware package. (Our version was Install your provided version or:
              Download JDeveloper Studio Edition Version
              Web: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/jdev/downloads/soft10133-100981.html

              Create a New Project to Edit iStore with JDeveloper
              I'm still struggling with this part. There are specific pages that must be modified, but the documentation in Metalink Article 419887.1 applies only to R11. It suggests that modify the parameters in your local instance, and run the application locally.