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    Oracle Forms Mouse Navigation Issue - Urgent

      Hi all,
      I have a Multi Record Block and moving from one record to another record using Mouse. system shows the cursor in which i moved. But when press tab or do some actions, cursor goes back to the original record which was earlier before i use the mouse to change the record, but at the same time, when i use the key board to change the record. system works properly.

      For example,
      I wrote WHEN-NEW-RECORD-INSTANCE trigger in block and given some debug messages. when i use mouse to navigate the records , the trigger is not firing. but when i use keyboard it is firing properly.

      the important thing is, same form works fine in one environment with mouse. but the new environment which is created for testing is not working with this mouse navigable.

      If anyone knows abt this problem, please let me how to resolve this issue.

      Thanks in advance.....

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