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    System to EPM 11 Upgrade


      We are having system 9.3.3 Hyperion environment(933 patched from 931 for Windows7) and we need to upgrade the same to EPM 11.
      Following is architecture spec.

      1.Server 1 - HFM
      2.Server 2 - Essbase
      3.Server 3 - Shared Services
      4. Server 4 - Workspace and HSF

      Webserver : Apache and Application server : Weblogic
      SSL Enabled
      SQL Server 2005
      Data loading tool : HAL

      Just wanted to collect any specific ideas or constraints considering above environment or any issues that may arise?
      Wll we have to reinstall and reconfigure SSL for EPM 11 applications? If EPM 11 doesnt support HAL then what data loading tool should we go for;is it ODI or FDM?

      Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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          John A Booth
          I think it would be very risk to attempt an upgrade in place from 9.x -> 11.x with SSL enabled.

          If you do need to upgrade in place then I suggest removing SSL, then upgrading, then enabling SSL.

          How are you using HAL in your environment currently; if you are using HAL for Essbase I would suggest moving to ODI.


          John A. Booth
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            Thanks John,what are the potential risks involved in moving SSL enabled system 9 to system 11?
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              John A Booth
              I tend to treat the system with "kid gloves" and when you're doing something that only a handful of people do and SSL can be tricky just adding it to an existing system rather than trying to upgrade with it.

              If Oracle didn't take an SSL system and upgrade it as part of a test case which I can almost guarantee they didn't then that is where the risk comes into play.


              John A. Booth
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                Another data loading option is FDM which can load data to HFM, Essbase (as well as Planning) & HSF. The difference between FDM & ODI in general terms is who is going to own the data load & mapping process. If you prefer the process to be more end user/finance driven, FDM might be worth investigating as it was designed for that audience.

                Regarding HAL, you are correct to look for another option. Oracle has end of lifed HAL which means no more development or support.

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                  I dont think there is a upgrade path from oracle to migrate from 9.3 to 11.1 ---pl correct me if I err.

                  Hence it will as good as a new installation with moving the data /etc and reconfig of the users.

                  data loading --- for multi users verifying and uploading their own data (which may be extracted from the source systems directly or flat files or an interface tables), FDM seems ideal as it allows each user to have data ownership --- something typically preferable in a financial kinda environment. It also has very good and frndly mapping/transformation tools which are easy to maintain
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                    There is not an upgrade path to but there is to 11.1.1.x
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                      John A Booth
                      And does support migration path will be released any day however it being so new you may expect to encounter some glitches and/or lessons specific to this release. My suggestion on going is give it 4-6 weeks to mature and see what others have found in that release. Currently on the line we are up to about 16 mandatory patches (Installation/FR/WA/SS/PLN/HFM/FDM/ODI/FCM) depending on which products you use.
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                        We have considered system upgrade from 9.3.3 to latest working version EPM
                        The potential risks are :-

                        1>We have HAL in 933 so 11 version will have ODI instead of HAL.Business is not ready to spend license for FDM due to cost issues.
                        So mappings and data loading for finance users would be a matter of concern.

                        2>We have SSL enabled in system 9 ;not sure how SSL has to be reconfigured while upgrade to EPM

                        Let me know if anybody has comments over here

                        Thanks for your valuable inputs and suggestions
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                          Hi there,


                            Did you finish with this migration? If yes, I would like know whether it was inplace or fresh ?

                            and how SSL thing was handled during migration.


                            Any reply is appreciated.