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    Whitespace Required

      Hi All,

      I have made one composite which is invoking WSDL of RequestorABCS for PurchaseOrder once it is getting the Transaction Type as PURCHASE ORDER, but while deploying it, it is getting stuck saying following line.

      "Cannot read WSDL "{http://xmlns.oracle.com/ABCSImpl/EBM_/Industry/SARAH_/ETH_CreatePOEBM_SARAH_ReqABCSImpl/V1.0}ETH_CreatePOEBM_SARAH_ReqABCSImpl" from Metadata Manager.: WSDLException: faultCode=INVALID_WSDL: Invalid XML in document at: http://usmtnz-dinfap19.dev.emrsn.org:8120/soa-infra/services/ETH_Temp/ETH_CreatePOEBM_SARAH_ReqABCSImpl/ETH_CreatePOEBM_SARAH_ReqABCSImpl, line: {1}, column: {2}: oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLParseException: Whitespace required.</summary>"

      Once I open the WSDL file, I am not seeing any issue with it. Not sure, why it is coming as INVALID XML in document and in detail, WHITESPACE REQUIRED is coming.

      Please assist me on this as it is hampering my project.

      Dhiraj Mishra

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