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    beehive mid tier in flashback mode?

      Dear B-keepers,

      following up the discussion in Re: Make a backup/restore of an user in Beehive I would like to diskuss the following beehive enhancement I suggested there:

      As we all know, Oracle beehive relies on Oracle database and gets many of its strengths from that base.

      Currently, beehive does not make use of flashback features like flashback query.

      I wonder if it shouldn't be feasible for beehive dev to leverage db flashback features.

      Imagine being able to startup a beehive mid-tier instance that offers a read-only flashbacked view of all beehive entities.

      This would drastically ease everyday restore requirements, like

      users saying "I need to get my mail store like it was yesterday, before I did that silly <delete/move/rename/whatever> operations"


      users saying "I did that calender sync operation with my smartphone, and selected the wrong sync destination (or someting has went terribly wrong) - can you please give me my calendar like it was before?"

      Of course, administrators should have control of whether such a "view" is offered, and he has to size FRA and flashback parameters appropriately.

      Currently beehive has export features to address such needs, but an admin need to regularly do exports before to be able to do recoveries.

      Also, Oracle Beehive documentation has instructions on how to setup "Disaster Recovery with Data Guard", but I believe that these procedures are not quite apt for simple recovery procedures for individual users.

      Opinions, please. You are welcome to second my enhancement request 8790833.

      Regards, Tom