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    OBIEE 11g 64-bit install on Windows 64-bit

      I wanted to solicit any experiences that the user forum is having with installing 11g on a 64-bit Windows platform. I understand that the Admintool/Job Manager will not run with the 64-bit installation package but we can install the newly released Client install to circumvent this. I am seeing many forums out there in which the 64-bit OBIEE install is done as Simple or Enterprise. My understanding is that this is useless as the bundled WebLogic utilizes at 32-bit JVM. There is a Doc ID out on Metalink (ID 1220564.1) that states one can only do a Software Install. So we have proceeded with the following steps of downloading first the Java 64-bit JVM, then a WebLogic instance utilizing the 64-bit JVM (java -D64 -jar xxx.jar) and finally the OBIEE Software Only install.

      The issue we are running into is that the Install fails when attempting to start the OPMN. So during the install the "Executing:opmnctl start coreapplication_obips1
      " fails and references the OPMN not starting. We are unable to start the OPMN service as well. We have a static IP, so this not the known issue with the loopback adapter. The other issue I saw was having to install the VC++ 2005 SP1 libraries per another Metalink Doc ID (1226254.1). This was all done, however, the install continues to fail.

      It seems the lack of knowledge from support as well as the vague/lack of documentation is frustrating. I just wanted to ping the OTN community around this scenario.
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          It sounds like you are doing things the right way. A 'software only' install is correct for 64bit Windows. First you should have installed a 64bit JDK then done a generic WLS 10.3.3 installation referencing the JDK. Only when you have WLS working should you proceed to the OBIEE installation. From your post it sounds like you know this.

          The issue with OPMN not starting is strange. Try running opmn/bin/opmnctl.bat. You should see a bunch of options that will help you troubleshoot why it isn't possible to start it. My guess would be a missing environment variable.

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            Thanks Paul, really appreciate the update. Spent this morning rebuilding our environment with 64-bit (Win 2008) and starting from scratch. The install has now succeeded. I tell you one thing you pointed out is something we noticed when we proceeded with the second install. That was the WebLogic version. I had initially used .4 and on the second install we used .3. I am guessing that this may have been the issue.

            I will verify with our Oracle resources and I hope this post will assist other when doing the 64-bit install as I think it is very vague in the documentation.

            I will update the post with Oracles response as well.

            Just as an FYI... the reason this issue came up in the first place was we did an Enteprise Install on 64-bit and found that the Gauge Charts weren't working in the SampleAppLite Subject Area. So I will add that to the Tags for this post.

            Hope this post helps others and they don't go through the headaches of a wrong install type.
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              Hi Dustin,

              Could you please share with me the steps which you used to install OBIEE 11g on windows server 2008 r2. My email is mfalijunedi@gmail.com. I am facing the issues.